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Success Story

Theresa saw a bleak future before her

Having recently lost both of her parents, she was living with her older sister, Dianna, and other family in small-town Georgia— all the while coping with personal issues she saw as too big to overcome.

Success Story

Cedric learns progress is a gateway to possibilities

Like many of the youth who come through the doors at the Omaha Home for Boys, Cedric arrived with some baggage. Along with his duffle bag filled with clothes and other personal items, he also brought his own history of poor choices that he made while living and going to school in Lincoln.

Success Story

When times are challenging Franklin solves his problems by drawing on his inner talents

That wasn’t necessarily the case for the 17-year-old budding artist who recently graduated from Omaha Home for Boys residential program. In fact, drawing and art became what he did when he was withdrawing.

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