A Place to Call Home

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KoranAfter a couple years of skipping school pretty regularly to hang out with his friends, Koran turned over a new leaf when he arrived at the Omaha Home for Boys last October.

Rather than fight the reasoning for coming to the Home, he made the choice to embrace his opportunity — and he’s excelled ever since.

“After my intake (admissions), I loved being here and want to make the most of my opportunity,” said Koran, who turned 18 in March. “It was my decision to come to OHB, so I knew right away that I wanted to get on the right track and make better choices.”

Having missed so much school, he arrived at OHB with the equivalence of sophomore-level credit hours despite being a senior. Within a few months, he made up most of those lost credits by taking classes through the Omaha Home for Boys School.

Now, he’s on track to graduate in May, and he’s earned As and Bs in his classes during this time.

In addition to his exemplary behavior and attitude while living at the Home, Koran has been involved with the OHB Select Basketball team (playing shooting guard) and has worked both in the Youth & Family Services Building office and in the dining hall to earn money.

Coming from what he calls an “unstable home life,” Koran said he enjoys being at OHB and having a place he can call home. With his present in a good place, he is looking to the future and plans to attend college this fall.

“It’s really great being able to worry only about school here,” he said. “My mom and I have always been close, and we still are, but I think my time at OHB has been good for both of us.

“I’m much more calm, understanding, appreciative and mature because of my time at the Omaha Home for Boys.”

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