When times are challenging Franklin solves his problems by drawing on his inner talents

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Franklin said he began drawing “when nothing mattered at school and I wanted to get away from a problem . . .” And he had problems. He said he was angry and disrespectful which erupted into fighting. All of these problems surfaced after he could not live at home anymore and moved in with his aunt.

That was three years ago. Flash forward to today and you see portrait of a smiling Franklin, surrounded by his Aunt Joyce, sisters, nieces and nephews. His relationship with his aunt is going well.

“A lot of people helped me,” he said. “He credits one of his first House Parents, Brandi Kejr, because she “kept me motivated,” he said. “She told me things I didn’t want to hear, but she helped me make some changes. I acted like I wasn’t listening, but I was.”

Thanks to all that help and people encouraging him to pursue art, Franklin is going to do just that. The young man who “just wanted to be a cook,” is going to attend Metropolitan Community College after he graduates from Omaha Benson High School this May. He then plans to attend the University of Nebraska Omaha with the goal of becoming an art teacher.

“I want to help somebody who is going through struggles like I did,” he said.

We know you will, Franklin, and it will be a thing of beauty.

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