Inspiration Hill Residential Care

The Inspiration Hill Residential Care Program is community-based and utilizes a family environment with a behaviorally-based curriculum to equip youth with positive skills and the ability to make good decisions when confronted with difficult choices.

The program provides at-risk, high school age boys and young men with family structure and positive reinforcement to modify inappropriate behaviors and educational support to help build success.

Campus Living

Omaha Home for Boys youth represent a variety of backgrounds, upbringings and needs. Many of these at risk youth have been abused, neglected or come from families overwhelmed by socio-economic challenges.

The boys live on campus in a family structure supported by a pair of house parents, assistant house parents, case managers and additional personnel. Boys continue to attend the Omaha Home for Boys school on campus, and participate in community programs, and their families participate in parenting classes with family reunification as the goal.

Family Environment

Utilizing a family environment and behaviorally-based curriculum, the Omaha Home for Boys Inspiration Hill Residential Care program works with high school age youth to promote positive life skills and the ability to make sound decisions. Youth live on the Home’s main campus at 4343 N. 52nd Street with an average length of stay of 11 months.

Cottage Model

The Omaha Home for Boys Inspiration Hill Residential Care campus is centered around family cottages. Up to eight boys may live in each cottage. Additional support services housed on campus, such as the Wurdeman Learning Center, dining hall and feature-rich Eugene C. Eppley Recreation Center, all contribute to the life-changing experiences and special care each resident receives at the Home.

House Parents

The use of married-couple house parents was pioneered by the Omaha Home for Boys, a practice which has since been modeled in many other programs. House parents rotate among the youth with each boy interacting with at least two sets of house parents during his stay.

A strong, trusting family foundation is the key to a successful transition for youth, and house parents provide structure, support and mentorship during a critical time in each boy’s life.

Educational Services

While all of the Home’s youth attend the Omaha Home for Boys School on campus, some need special attention or educational services. Students are taught by a special education-endorsed instructor experienced in providing individual education plans, experiential learning opportunities and group facilitation.

Case Managers

Every boy is assigned a case manager, who facilitates and drives all services for each youth in our care, acting as an administrative liaison, direct care trainer or manager, and advocate for the youth.

Case managers work to create permanency and develop service and treatment plans that identify strengths, weaknesses and needs of each boy to ensure every resident receives optimal care.


Admissions to the Omaha Home for Boys Inspiration Hill Residential Care program are a mixture of varied placements, including private and court-ordered. Each applicant is screened to make sure he is a good fit for the program.

The Omaha Home for Boys partners with a wide network of services and organizations to help match boys to the treatment that will be most beneficial for them.