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Success Story

Finding the Light

The following account was written by Keenan Page, Employment Manager for Omaha Home for Boys Independent Living Program, Branching Out. It was clear on the day I met Cody Simpson for the first time in September of 2014 that his life experiences had given him wisdom and strength far beyond that of his age. Cody

Success Story

From Truancy to Triumph: Gabe’s Story

It wasn’t long ago that on a typical school day when sixteen-year-old Gabe should have been in class studying he was nowhere to be found. In fact, there were times when his teachers wouldn’t see him for two or three weeks at a time. Gabe’s truancy landed him on probation but that didn’t faze the

Success Story

I’ve Got This

To say that 19-year-old Mahalia’s life has been full of disappointment would be quite an understatement. Let down by her parents she found herself living in a less than ideal situation. At a time in her life when a solid support system and a positive mentor were critical to her development, there were none. All

Success Story

Hopeless to Happier than Ever – Renan’s Story

At 16 I was somebody’s mistake and at 17 somebody’s regret. At 18 I was somebody’s problem, being tossed from detention center, to group home to foster families like it was a game of hot potato. At 19 I was turned into a monster.

Success Story

Mission Accomplished

As a teen, Carlos’ life was anything but typical. His relationship with his father was tumultuous to say the least. Carlos was never at home, struggled with substance abuse and was surrounded by gang influences. Probation tried to intervene with drug therapy and family therapy, but Carlos rejected their help. At a time when going

Success Story

I Changed

Markus should have been thinking about school activities, socializing, the upcoming holidays and Snapchat. Instead, his thoughts were consumed with wondering where he was going to sleep that night and how he would survive the streets…until Omaha Home for Boys changed his fate.

Success Story

My First Place

In Mizetta’s words, she “had it all.” She was living in Texas with her aunt, working and taking general studies courses at a local college. She loved her friends, her school and her easy life. But then a devastating family tragedy occurred and she felt she needed to be closer to her immediate family. She moved north to Nebraska where she soon found that more than just 800 miles separated her from her old carefree life.

Success Story

At a Crossroad

Angel knew his past did not paint a very good picture for anyone looking to take a chance on him. His file was filled with a history of substance abuse issues, run-ins with the law, and burglary and weapons charges. The victim of an unstable childhood, he was dealing and using drugs when he was

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