All in a Day’s Work

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Shortly after the final bell rings signaling the end of the school day, Shammond heads to his cottage to get changed for his next assignment of the day:  farm crew.

Shammond is expected to be punctual for his part-time job at the Home’s Cooper Memorial Farm which means he must catch the van leaving promptly at 3:30 to make the three mile trip to the farm. Upon his arrival, Shammond checks in with his supervisor and sets to work on the daily chores necessary to make the farm run smoothly.

Shammond (in blue) grooms one of the cows at the farm in preparation for the upcoming 4-H season.

Shammond is just one of the young men in the Home’s Residential Care Program who is employed through the Youth Employment Program. The Youth Employment Program’s goal is to build a foundation for participants to develop the skills needed to become successful employees. The program offers approximately 30 on-campus jobs ranging from the farm crew and garden crew to cottage jobs, office clean-up and kitchen crew.

“The Youth Employment Program aims to prepare youth for the expectations of the workforce,” said Sarah Hansen, Youth Employment Coordinator. “We hold youth to the same standards as off-campus employers and pay an hourly wage with the opportunity to earn promotions.”

Through the Youth Employment Program, youth learn how to complete an application, practice interview skills and gain hands-on experience. They also practice meeting employer’s expectations, such as being punctual, following uniform standards and giving proper notice of an absence. All of the skills learned through the program are ones that greatly benefit youth as they aim to gain future employment.

In 2016, 79 young men held part-time campus jobs through the Youth Employment Program while 20 of these young men progressed enough to begin working off campus.

As for Shammond, the feeling of accomplishment and fresh air at the farm help give him renewed focus as he heads back to the OHB campus for evening activities and homework.

How You Can Help

Your gift to the Home will help other young men like Shammond gain the skills needed to become successful members of the workforce. Please consider making your investment in our youth through an online donation or contact the development office for other giving options.


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