Terrance’s Turnaround

Terrance came to Omaha Home for Boys because of truancy issues and academic struggles, but talking to him today, you would never guess that he once despised attending school. “When I came here, I was behind 24 school credits because I hadn’t been attending my high school,” said Terrance. “I just didn’t care about my

Thoughts from the Archives – Settling Inspiration Hill

Seventy-six years ago in 1941, our Home needed a new campus. Sixty hilly acres at 52nd and Ames Streets were purchased and a local architect was told, “Give us your thoughts for a new campus, a new plan.” As a result of this simple conversation, an elaborate plan was drawn up that was built around

A Treasured Return Home

More than eight decades haven’t clouded the memory of William Bennett who spent his childhood at the Home and recently had the opportunity to return for a visit many years in the making. Although age is beginning to catch up with 92-year-old William Bennett, he is still able to recall vivid memories of years spent at

All in a Day’s Work

Shortly after the final bell rings signaling the end of the school day, Shammond heads to his cottage to get changed for his next assignment of the day:  farm crew. Shammond is expected to be punctual for his part-time job at the Home’s Cooper Memorial Farm which means he must catch the van leaving promptly

Charles Dominates Medical Terminology Course

Jane Erdenberger, a teacher at the Omaha Home for Boys School, recently raved about one of her students and his determination to earn a credit in the challenging and very demanding Medical Terminology class. Here’s what she had to say about Charles and his persistence: “I just want everyone to know that Charles completed his

Thinking Outside the Box

A student at the Omaha Home for Boys School used innovative thinking and initiative to turn a popular movie and book into an educational experience for his peers. Kyle, a teenager in Omaha Home for Boys Residential Care Program, recently designed a vocabulary unit around The Outsiders, a story about two weeks in the life

Building Character at the Forefront of OHB’s 4-H Program

Accountability. Self-control. Responsibility. Confidence. These are arguably some of the most important character traits that successful adults possess, but these skills can be hard to learn sitting in the classroom. That’s why getting fresh air and gaining hands-on experience through the Home’s 4-H program is so important. The Home’s 4-H program dates back to 1948

New Urban Agriculture Project Brings the Farm to the City

An April 12 visit to Omaha Home for Boys Cooper Memorial Farm by Congressman Don Bacon and Dr. Ann Bartuska, Acting Under Secretary for USDA’s Research, Education and Economics, shed light on a new project that brings urban agriculture to the Omaha metro. The Urban Agriculture Program at Cooper Memorial Farm is an educational partnership

New Project Brings Youth into the Kitchen

Who taught you to cook? Maybe you’re not a seasoned chef but surely someone, most likely someone in your family, taught you the basics of preparing a meal and showed you your way around the kitchen. For many of the youth in our Inspiration Hill Residential Care Program, food preparation, meal planning and making healthy

OHB Select Basketball Takes Home Runner-Up Honors

Several youth in the Omaha Home for Boys’ Residential Care Program took to the hardwood earlier this year in the select basketball league. Youth from OHB learned responsibility and accountability as they took on teams from Ambassadors and Omaha Street School in the recreational league that aims to give youth the opportunity to participate in