Board And Leadership

Executive Committee

Kirsten Case, Board Chair
Allen Straub, Vice Chair
James E. Kelley, Treasurer
Victor Baez, Secretary
Aileen Warren
Randy Behounek


Freddie Clopton
Jeffrey Coleman
Dr. Joseph Evans
Timothy F. Goodnight II
Patricia Lamberty
Serenna Russell
Mark Seip
Gary S. Unger
Ashley Young
Reginald “Reggie” Young
Tracy Zaiss

Leadership Team

Jeff DeWispelare, President and CEO
Jeremy Warren, VP of Finance
Shawntal Smith, VP of Talent Development
Lori Bechtold, VP of Development
Jodi L. Ross, VP of Governance & Strategy
Jennifer Pointer, VP of IT Security and Infrastructure
Justin Loehr, VP of Campus Life Services
Brandy Gustoff, VP of Self Sufficiency Services
Daryl Howard, VP of Integrated & Behavioral Health Services


Larry Broermann
Darren R. Carlson
Micah Evans
Tom Eyman
Peter G. Larson
John T. Maxell
Paul D. Rutherford
Anthony Sanchez
Nizar Wehbi
Dan Wellendorf
Bob Whipple