She stressed about the perfect Christmas gifts. Then this happened…

The following account was written by Brandy Gustoff, the former Program Manager of Transition Services at Omaha Home for Boys, on December 22, 2016: I stress myself out every year at Christmas time. Not because of the baking, preparing for company, decorating or the lack of time to get it all done, but because I

Jeff DeWispelare Named Omaha Home for Boys’ President & CEO

Jeff DeWispelare

Omaha Home for Boys will soon have a new leader. Jeff DeWispelare has been named President & CEO of the Home effective January 1, 2018. DeWispelare will be taking over the role of President & CEO as a result of the pending retirement of current President & CEO, Jeff Moran. Moran will act as President

Growing Stronger

Just like most teenage boys, the young men in Omaha Home for Boys’ Residential Care Program have busy schedules. They wake early for breakfast and soon after they’re off to school followed by part-time jobs and therapy. Evenings are a flurry of dinner, homework and time with their Life Skills Teachers and peers.

Omaha Home for Boys sells land, buildings at Cooper Village

Omaha Home for Boys recently announced the sale of Cooper Village to NOVA Treatment Community.

New Wheels, New Outlook

Maurionte is only seventeen years old, but he has already faced enough struggles to fill a lifetime. The victim of a childhood filled with instability, Maurionte watched hopelessly as his mother was caught in the grip of drug addiction. He didn’t have a consistent, positive male role model in his life and struggled with behavioral issues. He eventually found himself living with different family members and in multiple foster homes.

Thoughts from the Archives – In the Letters

The pictures accompanying this article tell of an interesting time in the development of the Home. In the 1940s we made the move to our 52nd Street campus, built six buildings (five of them residential cottages), and conducted a multi-year capital campaign among Omaha friends for Support. With the increased popularity of direct nationwide fundraising,

Jacobs’ Place, OHB Scholarships Make College Dreams a Reality

Yesterday Unsupportive parents who didn’t care about education. Multiple out-of-home placements in group homes and foster care. Being forced to work to help with family bills. No educational goals or hope of graduation. These were just a few of the obstacles facing four teens and young adults who entered Jacobs’ Place, Omaha Home for Boys

Summer Brings Balance of Work and Play to the Home

OHB Youth

The Home has been bustling with excitement this summer as the youth have been busy studying, working, and squeezing in recreation activities. Taking a break from the traditional school day, the young men in our Inspiration Hill Residential Care Program are attending summer school only in the mornings. They are determined to keep up the

Shawntal Smith Joins Omaha Home for Boys Leadership Team

We are excited to announce that Shawntal Smith has joined Omaha Home for Boys as the new Talent Development Leader. Shawntal will be responsible for guiding organizational and leadership development and implementing processes to leverage employee strengths, develop talent, and identify improvement opportunities. “I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to use my talents to strengthen

Terrance’s Turnaround

Terrance came to Omaha Home for Boys because of truancy issues and academic struggles, but talking to him today, you would never guess that he once despised attending school. “When I came here, I was behind 24 school credits because I hadn’t been attending my high school,” said Terrance. “I just didn’t care about my