Thoughts from the Archives – Springview Stock Farm

Springview Stock Farm. That’s the name N. I. Solomon, a prosperous merchant, gave to his newly acquired 160 acre farm southeast of what would eventually be 52nd and Ames in 1880. Solomon specialized in raising harness horses, Shetland ponies and pureblood Jersey cattle in a 100 foot barn. He built a three story brick home

Growing Green

                Fresh, locally-grown produce is commonplace year round in many parts of the United States, but harvesting fruits and vegetables is nearly unheard of in Omaha, Nebraska this time year when frigid temperatures and bone-chilling winds are routine. However, nestled on the outskirts of Omaha at Omaha Home

Stitched with Love

It was a chilly, dreary November day with a brisk breeze that made it feel much colder than the thermometer read. It was the kind of fall day in Nebraska that sends a chill through your body just by looking out the window at the gray sky and bare trees. But despite the gloomy weather

Mentoring with Meaning

Twice a week you’ll find Tim Shepherd faithfully making the drive from his west Omaha office where he is a civil engineer to 52nd and Ames Streets. Rain or shine Tim hits the road with one destination in sight:  tutoring young men at the Omaha Home for Boys School. Tim volunteers his time and talents

Answering the Call

December brings many things:  winter, the holidays, College Bowl Season and the passing of yet another year. For the farm crew at Omaha Home for Boys Cooper Farm, December signals cattle clipping.

She stressed about the perfect Christmas gifts. Then this happened…

The following account was written by Brandy Gustoff, the former Program Manager of Transition Services at Omaha Home for Boys, on December 22, 2016: I stress myself out every year at Christmas time. Not because of the baking, preparing for company, decorating or the lack of time to get it all done, but because I

Jeff DeWispelare Named Omaha Home for Boys’ President & CEO

Omaha Home for Boys will soon have a new leader. Jeff DeWispelare has been named President & CEO of the Home effective January 1, 2018. DeWispelare will be taking over the role of President & CEO as a result of the pending retirement of current President & CEO, Jeff Moran. Moran will act as President

Growing Stronger

Just like most teenage boys, the young men in Omaha Home for Boys’ Residential Care Program have busy schedules. They wake early for breakfast and soon after they’re off to school followed by part-time jobs and therapy. Evenings are a flurry of dinner, homework and time with their Life Skills Teachers and peers.

Omaha Home for Boys sells land, buildings at Cooper Village

Omaha Home for Boys recently announced the sale of Cooper Village to NOVA Treatment Community.

New Wheels, New Outlook

Maurionte is only seventeen years old, but he has already faced enough struggles to fill a lifetime. The victim of a childhood filled with instability, Maurionte watched hopelessly as his mother was caught in the grip of drug addiction. He didn’t have a consistent, positive male role model in his life and struggled with behavioral issues. He eventually found himself living with different family members and in multiple foster homes.