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Omaha Home for Boys provided consistent care and resources for every phase of Isidro’s teenage and young adult life, helping him find his way to higher education and an optimistic future.

If the shy grin on the young man’s face pictured at right looks familiar, you’re not mistaken. Isidro was first introduced to readers in the Winter 2016 issue of Twig, Omaha Home for Boys’ newsletter.

At that time, Isidro had recently completed Omaha Home for Boys’ Residential Care Program where he received educational direction and tutoring that helped him earn the high school credits he lacked, and he was just moving into Jacobs’ Place, the Home’s transitional living program.

Fast forward a year and a half and you’ll find that Isidro is a successful graduate of Jacobs’ Place having chased his dreams with persistence and grit.

While living at Jacobs’ Place, Isidro worked through the phases of the program learning the skills needed to live independently. He completed over 125 hours of volunteer work and maintained steady employment.

Isidro was also the recipient of one of the Home’s scholarships, which allowed him to attend a local community college while issues receiving federal aid were resolved.

“Without the link to higher education through a scholarship from Omaha Home for Boys, Isidro may not have pursued college,” said Keenan Page, Branching Out Independent Living Specialist. “The Home’s support helped inspire him to aim a bit higher after graduating high school.”

Determined to open even more doors to a brighter future, Isidro purchased his first vehicle through savings that he put into Opportunity Passport.

“Isidro took everything we offered to him – advice, opportunities to learn, resources – very seriously,” said Brandy Gustoff, Program Manager of Transition Services. “The Jacobs’ Place staff is so proud of Isidro and excited to watch his success along his next journey. He’s going to do great things!”

Next up, Isidro has his sights set on moving into his own apartment and continuing his higher education studies to become a medical translator. Once again, the Home will be by his side offering direction to Isidro through the Branching Out Independent Living Program.

“Isidro’s progression through the Home’s programs from residential care to transitional living and now to independent living is a testament to the critical need for a wide range of services that many vulnerable young adults have,” said Jeff Moran, Omaha Home for Boys’ President and CEO. “Omaha Home for Boys fills this need by providing a continuum of care to assist at-risk youth through many phases of life.”

Isidro is just one example of a young life that was able to reach its full potential thanks to guidance from Omaha Home for Boys. With your support, there will be countless more.

About the Scholarship Program

Omaha Home for Boys is committed to helping youth reach their full academic potential. As part of that goal, the Home has a number of scholarships available to both current and former youth who need help overcoming financial barriers to higher education. Scholarships are graciously provided by friends of the Home, and you can join them in supporting the scholarship program and higher education goals of our youth by making your online gift to the Home.


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