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As a teen, Carlos’ life was anything but typical.

Carlos proudly displays his final project from art class where he earned one of his credits towards graduation.

His relationship with his father was tumultuous to say the least. Carlos was never at home, struggled with substance abuse and was surrounded by gang influences. Probation tried to intervene with drug therapy and family therapy, but Carlos rejected their help.

At a time when going to school was critical to a successful future, Carlos’ attendance faltered. He rarely went to school and if he did, he was nearly always tardy. He stopped going to school all together his freshman year and ended up getting expelled.

“Since I was kid in elementary, for some reason, I never thought I had to go to school or try to graduate because many of my family members never did,” said Carlos.

Just when it seemed Carlos couldn’t escape the rut of his destructive path, he was placed at Omaha Home for Boys.

Carlos came to the Home just before the 4th of July. As he and his new peers at the Home sat on the hillside watching neighborhood fireworks, it seemed to signal a new beginning for Carlos.

At the Omaha Home for Boys School, Carlos’ true potential began to shine and he started to thrive. His attendance was near perfect and his 1.8 GPA improved to a 3.2 while he earned 13 credits in just five months.

Carlos’ dedication to his studies, consistency and quiet leadership skills led him to be named the Miracle Hills Optimist Club Student of the Month, an award that makes him very proud.

Carlos is pictured receiving his Miracles Hills Optimist Club Student of the Month Award.

Carlos is also very proud of the fact that he didn’t receive a single office referral or non-compliant report during his time at the Home, a true testament to the shift in his attitude and behavior.

“Before I came to OHB, I didn’t even think high school was possible. College wasn’t even a thought,” said Carlos. “When I came to OHB, it finally felt like graduating was actually a possibility.”

Graduating and attending college are no longer possibilities for Carlos, they are realities. Carlos, along with three other Omaha Home for Boys’ students, received his high school diploma on December 15. Carlos now plans to apply for an Omaha Home for Boys’ scholarship, attend the culinary program at a local community college and would one day like to own a restaurant.

As an Education Manager at the Omaha Home for Boys School, Jeff Hallstrom has seen Carlos’ transformation first hand. He offered these sentiments, “To support, strengthen, equip and inspire youth and young adults is at the heart of our Omaha Home for Boys’ mission. I think we’ve done just that with Carlos.”

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