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Wednesday 01, May 2019 - Wednesday 22, May 2019


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Did you know that one of the most significant and common obstacles that the young adults served by Omaha Home for Boys face is access to reliable, affordable transportation? Having a significant barrier to transportation keeps our young adults from moving forward with other steps towards independence, such as getting a job, going to school and seeking medical help.

That’s why this year for Omaha Gives we’re asking you to help us put Wheels in Motion during Omaha Gives to raise $25,000 for transportation needs and expenses, such as fuel gift cards, driver’s education, bus passes, bicycles and helmets, and vehicle licensing fees.

Your gift today grants independence for tomorrow for young adults in our community!


How your gift will help:

Need Your Investment
Learner’s permit fee $10.50
10-ride bus pass $12.50
Driver’s license fee/renewal $26.50
Gas station gift cards for one tank of gas for youth (15 gallon tank x $2.40) $36
Bike lock and helmet $37
Uber gift card for one week of transportation to work and school $50
30-day bus pass $55
Fuel for one of OHB’s 15-passenger vans (OHB’s average monthly fuel expense is $2,014) $84
Bicycle for a youth as he/she saves for a car $189
Road Ready Driver’s Education Course $325
Annual registration fees for OHB’s six Ford Escapes used to transport youth $423
One month of vehicle repairs (including facilities vehicles) $1,805
One month of auto insurance for OHB’s 21 vehicles $2,014

Tatiana was just seventeen years old when her daily commute took her across state lines from her home in Omaha to attend college in Council Bluffs, and she had to rely on her own two feet and public transportation to get there and back. Without a reliable adult to teach her how to drive, access to driver’s education, or any funds to purchase a vehicle of her own, Tatiana was at the mercy of the daily bus schedule. Eventually this burden led her to quit school.

Tired of being confined to places only accessible by bus or foot, Tatiana made obtaining her driver’s license and purchasing a vehicle one of her first goals when she connected with Omaha Home for Boys. The Home played a key role in helping Tatiana become an independent driver by paying for a driver’s education course, providing temporary transportation and offering budgeting courses. Omaha Home for Boys was also by Tatiana’s side as she shopped for a vehicle and drove a white Chevy sedan off the lot!

Finally a car owner, Tatiana is relishing in the freedom of no longer being at the mercy of the bus schedule. Having a driver’s license and a reliable vehicle has not only allowed Tatiana to get to work and appointments on time, but it has also opened doors to new experiences, like visiting a local lake that was inaccessible before she became in independent driver.

“I feel really good about myself right now,” said Tatiana. “I’m in love with my car. It’s so pretty to me!”

Please give today so that other teens like Tatiana can realize their dreams of becoming independent young adults through the aid of Omaha Home for Boys!



We would like to extend many thanks to the following amazing community partners who are supporting our Wheels in Motion campaign for Omaha Gives by serving as donation sites. Thank you!

Olympia Cycle
Omaha Bicycle Company
Greenstreet Cycles
Marion Tire Pros
Duke’s Aerial Equipment Inc

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