Inspiration Hill Residential Care

The Inspiration Hill Residential Care Program utilizes a family environment and behaviorally-based curriculum to equip youth with positive skills and the ability to make sound decisions when confronted with difficult choices. The Residential Care Program is designed to help youth learn life skills and grow academically while providing a safe environment so that youth may work through issues in their personal lives. The program serves high school age boys from across the state of Nebraska.

Campus Living

Creating a safe, secure, healthy family environment is at the heart of the Inspiration Hill Residential Care Program. The young men live in homes on our main campus at 52nd and Ames Streets. Up to eight boys live in each home with their peers and Life Skills Teachers.

Also on our main campus is the Omaha Home for Boys School, our feature-rich Eugene C. Eppley Recreation Center and a dining hall.

Life Skills Teachers

Life Skills Teachers are the heartbeat of the Omaha Home for Boys Inspiration Hill Residential Care Program. Life Skills Teachers create a loving home environment while caring for our residential care youth. They act as positive role models and fulfill the daily parental duties for the youth in their care in a supportive, structured home.


All of the Home’s residential care youth attend the Omaha Home for Boys School on our main campus. Students focus on credit recovery and accrual while working toward the goal of meeting grade level expectations at the completion of the program. The school also assists with college planning and financial aid and offers scholarships to eligible students.


In 2017, the Residential Care Program implemented the BELIEF therapy program to combat the prevalent and pervasive impact of trauma on the lives of our youth. BELIEF is a 12-week program that provides both individual and group therapy as well as staff education and consultation.

Support Services

The Residential Care Program takes a comprehensive approach to help youth thrive by offering a number of support services. Our Youth Employment Program teaches workforce readiness skills; the Wellness Program focuses on nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices and physical activity; and participation in 4-H allows youth to practice responsibility, develop a strong work ethic and gain self-confidence.


Youth in our Residential Care Program must be court-ordered for admissions. Each applicant is screened to make sure he is a good fit for the program. We partner with a wide network of services and organizations to help match boys to the treatment that will be most beneficial for them.


Jesse Cardenas
Residential Manager

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