Jacobs’ Place Transitional Living

Jacobs’ Place is a transitional living apartment complex. It is a resource for youth ages 17-20 who struggle with a lack of housing, support, education and independent living skills because of multiple out-of-home placements.

The program provides a skill-based structure, safe environment and a caring staff to help young women and men move toward independency. In addition, Jacobs’ Place offers its residents the 4,000-square-foot Combs Learning Center and a curriculum to assist youth with completing or continuing their education as well as job training and other assistance.

What makes Jacobs’ Place unique and special are the opportunities offered through this life-changing program.

After a resident’s first month of employment, rent is established and set for the remainder of their stay. Upon completion of the program, 80 percent of the total rent paid may be returned. Residents do not pay utilities, giving them the opportunity to get a strong start toward a stable, successful future. Youth receive medical, dental and vision checkups, as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment and therapy. Transitional Living Assistants, Specialists, a Coordinator and Program Manager are available 24/7 to support youth anytime, anywhere if they are having a problem, need to talk or are facing a crisis.

The transitional living program’s core components include:

  • Specialists assigned to each youth to assist residents in developing and implementing an “independency plan”
  • Up to six months of employment training and support with housing, food and essentials
  • An individualized educational training curriculum
  • Community life skills curriculum, including resume writing, job search and interviewing skills
  • Job placement assistance and Work to Train program
  • High school diploma or GED assistance
  • College planning and scholarship assistance
  • Community housing assistance
  • Aftercare network


919 N 48th St, Omaha, NE 68132

Independent is the Goal

Each program participant works with staff to create a personalized Independent Living Plan. This plan includes goals, objectives, methods and outcomes identified for residents through a youth-directed and staff-guided exercise.

Youth receive free, independent living training and learn skills necessary for success such as cooking, how to build a resume, dressing for an interview, college planning, health and wellness and how to find a safe apartment.

Once they complete the program, Jacobs’ Place staff refer graduates to another Omaha Home for Boys Program – Branching Out® Independent Living. Jacobs’ Place and Branching Out staff work in concert to help youth find safe and affordable housing in the community. Through this continuum of care, youth are able to receive continued support and access other financial assistance as they need to sustain a successful, independent future.

Educational Opportunities

Jacobs’ Place residents are required to work toward the completion of their high school education, whether through traditional or alternative high school, independent studies or GED while in the program.

Depending on individual circumstances, the residents and staff will determine the route best suited for each case. Residents also are encouraged to consider career or education plans beyond high school and may be eligible for financial assistance.


Residents are housed in one of two apartment buildings (one male and one female), each with five fully-functional apartments for a total occupancy of 18 residents at any given time.

The centralized Combs Learning Center, complete with computer lab, recreation room and meeting/therapy spaces, is available to residents as they work through the program. The center was made possible by a generous gift from Carol Combs, a longtime supporter of the Home.


Any young adult between 17 and 20 at the time of admission may apply to the program, and individuals over the age of 19 may self-refer to enroll. Applicants under the age of 19 need a parent or legal guardian to enroll them. Applicants must have completed high school or be willing to finish their high school education. Interested individuals must first complete an application.

Applicants will then be scheduled for an interview, informational session and tour of the Jacobs’ Place campus.

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