Terrance’s Turnaround

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Terrance came to Omaha Home for Boys because of truancy issues and academic struggles, but talking to him today, you would never guess that he once despised attending school.

“When I came here, I was behind 24 school credits because I hadn’t been attending my high school,” said Terrance. “I just didn’t care about my education at that time.”

Since coming to Omaha Home for Boys, Terrance has made such a remarkable turnaround that he’s already earned half of the school credits he needs to be at his current grade level.

One thing that has helped Terrance gain a stronger foothold on his studies is the academic incentive plan that was implemented at the Omaha Home for Boys School last year. Students work their way toward incentive prizes with each school credit they earn. Three credits is a snack pack, six is a new pair of socks, and upon reaching the milestone of earning 12 credits, students get to order a new pair of sneakers.

When Terrance was approached about ordering his sneakers, he turned them down. Once again showing what an extraordinary shift he’s made, he opted to order books instead.

“Miss E. at the school knows how much I love to read, so she suggested that maybe instead of getting new tennis shoes, I could use the money to buy books,” said Terrance. “I thought it was a great idea.”

Terrance is holding two of the books he ordered as an incentive for earning 12 school credits.

After getting the okay from his case manager, Terrance ordered five books that reflected his love for reading young adult science fiction and adventure novels. He also ordered a book for one of his Omaha Home for Boys’ peers.

“I’ve read The Lost Hero before. It seemed like one that Kyle would like, so I bought it for him and gave it to him for graduation,” Terrance replied when asked what prompted him to think of his friend.

Now, the teen, who just a few short months ago could have cared less about academics, is eager to read and share his passion with others.

About the Omaha Home for Boys School

The Omaha Home for Boys School opened in August 2014 with six students and has grown to include all Residential Care youth. Certified teachers oversee the day-to-day teaching responsibilities of the school, conducting class and holding the students accountable for attendance, participation, homework and tests – all the same expectations of a community school classroom. The school’s goals are to develop character traits and provide educational programming that lead to school success, graduation, employment and/or higher education.

How You Can Help

If you’d like to be a part of supporting our Omaha Home for Boys’ students, please consider making an online gift or contact the development office at (402) 457-7165 to discuss other giving options.

Your gift of $52 ($1 per week) can provide school supplies for one student for an academic year.

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